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Epoxy Flooring

NuLook Floors Geelong are your local epoxy flooring experts. Our team of epoxy floor installers are locally based, and are ready to deliver your home or business high-quality flooring solutions.

We can provide an epoxy floor to suit any environment, and encourage our customers to think outside of the garage when thinking about a new flooring solution. We recommend our epoxy floor solution for patios, businesses, warehouses, factories, workshops and more.

With affordability in mind, your NuLook Floor will have your home or business looking good for years to come. 


Our epoxy floor solution requires good floor preparation for a successful application. When you purchase an epoxy floor from NuLook Floors Geelong, we ensure each stage of the process is done with safety and quality in mind. This means that we provide you with quality service, and you get to enjoy a quality product for many years.

Expanding beyond garages, we can fit an epoxy floor solution to any situation.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

NuLook Floors Geelong are your local garage epoxy flooring experts. Our team of epoxy floor installers are based in multiple locations across Australia. 

Are your garage concrete floors looking tired & worn? Then ask NuLook Floors Geelong to fix them. We specialise in turning ordinary garage floors into the extraordinary using the NuLook Floors garage epoxy flooring system. Our hard wearing epoxy coatings are ideal for all home garages. Our team only uses the best materials and we are committed to delivering high quality epoxy floors every time!

Why a NuLook Garage Epoxy Floor?

  • Built to last: Besides its visual appeal, a NuLook Garage Epoxy Floor is built to last. Designed with resilience in mind, your garage epoxy floor will withstand impacts, chipping, chemical stains an surface abrasion.
  • Perfect for Hobbyists or Mechanics: Our epoxy floors are designed to be both chemical and stain resistant, which is perfect for hobbyists or motor enthusiasts who enjoy working on projects in the ‘man-cave’. Our garage epoxy floor is easy to clean, and built to withstand heavy machinery.
  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority: When you purchase a garage epoxy floor from NuLook Floors Geelong, you’re purchasing a high-quality product, with the service to match. We work tirelessly to ensure your project is designed and installed exactly how you want, and we don’t stop until you’re satisfied. Our after sales service means you become apart of the NuLook Floors family when you purchase a garage epoxy floor from us.

Patio Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking to give your outdoor entertainment area a NuLook? Perhaps you should consider making it stand out with an epoxy floor solution. Built to last, an epoxy floor for your patio is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a quality product to last, that is easy to clean and affordable. 

Although NuLook Floors Geelong expertise is in epoxy garage flooring; we can apply the NuLook epoxy flooring system to numerous concrete floors. This make it a perfect solution for your patio, as the comfortable design and ease of use will mean you no longer have to gurney the outdoor area once a month to keep your concrete floor shining.

Why a NuLook Patio Epoxy Floor?

  • Enhance your outdoor area appeal: Our epoxy flooring will help to enhance the appeal of your outdoor area. Available to suit any dimensions, our commitment to service will ensure your floor looks great and impresses the neighbours!
  • Weatherproof: Our epoxy flooring solution is designed to last and withstand stains or acid erosion, as well as all weather conditions. With a low slip rating and a UV resistant coat, your NuLook Floor solution can withstand any weather that Geelong throws at you.
  • Easy to clean: Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is how easy it will be to clean your patio’s new epoxy floor! Most dirt can be removed with light sweeping and rinsing with water.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to operating a warehouse, workshop or factory, you need a quality floor underneath your feet. Designed to withstand heavy machinery, chemical spills, grease and oil stains, Industrial Epoxy Floor Painting Contractor solutions in Geelong are suited to an industrial environment. With a leading fire safety rating and low-slip design, laying an epoxy floor is really a no brainer for any industrial workspace.

Did you know that epoxy floors are more hygienic than plain concrete floors? Standard surfaces like concrete are porous and are magnets for debris, dust, mites and dirt. This means that your existing workspace is a great hiding place for dangers you can’t see. When you install an epoxy floors with NuLook Floors Geelong, you remove those hiding places because the epoxy coating seals your floor, creating a new non-porous, hygienic, easy to clean and attractive new surface.

Why wait to make the switch? Get in touch with the team at NuLook Floors Geelong today for a quote on your project. All of our work is competitively priced and we commit to delivering a top quality finish every time!

Why a NuLook Industrial Epoxy Floor?

  • Enhance your commercial appearanceYour work area needs to look professional and well-maintained. This is especially important if your place of work can be seen by your customers. This doesn’t need to cost you a fortune or require a tonne of work. It can be as simple as having your warehouse or workshop fitted with an epoxy flooring solution by NuLook Floors Geelong.
  • Safety: Developed with your safety in mind, our epoxy flooring solutions come equipped with the lowest fire rating in Australia. This is combined with a very low slip rating and UV resistance. An epoxy coating on your warehouse floor will also prevent loose dust from potentially collecting on inventory items or even presenting a high risk to your employees.
  • Easy to clean: Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is how easy our epoxy floor is to clean! Most dirt can be removed with light sweeping and rinsing with water. In some cases you may need to apply a cleaning agent but that should be enough to have them looking brand new.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Are you wanting your business to stand out amongst your competitors? Then look no further than NuLook Floors Geelong. Our  epoxy flooring solutions are perfect for a variety of business settings. 

If you are a business that has a heavy amount of foot traffic, operate heavy equipment or are just looking for a reliable floor system, then a commercial epoxy floor solution is perfect for you. 

Because of the advancements made with our epoxy floor solutions, our floors are designed to repel against solvents, chemicals, grease and oils. This makes an epoxy floor the perfect investment for your business. Built with quality and longevity in mind, your new epoxy floor will have your business looking great, without breaking the budget. Costs to maintain a commercial epoxy floor are minimal with most spills and dirt only needing a light sweep and mop to tidy up.


Why a NuLook Epoxy Floor for your Business?

  • Durability: You need an appropriate floor that is designed to withstand heavy traffic, equipment and general wear and tear. A commercial epoxy floor can provide you with a durable solution that can withstand anything you throw at it (or drop on it, because accidents happen). Talk to the team about an epoxy flooring solution by NuLook Floors Geelong today to find out more.
  • Affordable aesthetics: Despite how simple they may seem, epoxy floors are more aesthetically pleasing than normal concrete coatings due to the sheen and seamless appearance. With a low-slip and the best fire rating available, the safety of you and your employees is front of mind at an affordable cost.
  • Better Protection: With most normal floor applications, they are easily ruined by chemicals, oil or grease from equipment. This can make cleaning up spills extremely difficult. An epoxy coating will provide an extra layer of protection that repels liquid spillage. This makes clean up a breeze which can come in handy during peak periods.
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