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If you’re looking for your next garage floor, or even thinking about redoing your workshop or business flooring, look no further than our unmatched epoxy flooring solutions. Backed by a 5 year warranty, you’re guaranteed the best when you work with NuLook Floors Geelong. Our epoxy floor mix, combined with a unique application process, makes it the best epoxy floor solution in Australia. 

With the lowest fire rating, low slip rating and UV resistant top coats, your NuLook Floor solution will have your neighbours crying with floor envy. With customer satisfaction our number one priority, we listen to you and ensure you get what you want, when you want it. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with NuLook Floors Geelong today for your epoxy floor no-obligation free quote.


Why you should have a NuLook Floors Geelong Epoxy Floor installed.

  • Continued support after the job is finished
  • A NuLook Concrete Epoxy Floor is easy to clean
  • Heavy duty and extremely hard wearing
  • A NuLook Epoxy Floor is cost effective
  • Customised Epoxy Floor solution to suit individual conditions
  • Fully Trained Epoxy Floor Technicians
  • An Epoxy Floor will add value to your home
  • Years of Experience creating Decorative Epoxy Floor Solutions

Owner-Operator – Jeff Brough

About NULOOK Floors Geelong

NuLook Floors specialise in turning ordinary looking concrete into the extraordinary with their revolutionary Nu Flake epoxy flooring system.

NuLook Floors expertise is in epoxy garage flooring; although we do apply the NuLook epoxy flooring system to numerous concrete floors. Ranging from coffee shop floors, patio flooring, retail shop floors, industrial flooring and many more. Come and visit our showroom on the Gold Coast see the quality for yourself.

Our strength in numbers

When you work with NuLook Floors Geelong you are supported by a nationally recognised franchise

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Transform that Dull Floor with a Nulook Epoxy Floor

Whether it’s a garage, patio area, or large industrial workshop, NuLook Floors have the experience, expertise, man power and ability to handle the job for you. Our epoxy floor solution can fit any requirement. Give NuLook Floors Geelong a call and get a competitively priced quote for your NuLook Floors Geelong Epoxy Floor covering today.

Slip Resistant

NuLook Floors has been tested for slip resistance and achieved an R9 for standard application, and up to an R12 with grit additive in the floors, making us one of the best options for slip resistance.

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